Frequently Asked Questions!

Last Updated: 7/05/2020

Which tools do you use?
Paint Tool SAI and Clip Studio Paint EX for painting, Phtoshop CC for editing.

I use a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24HD as my tablet.

OBS Studio is what I use for streaming and recording.

Which brushes do you use?
I probably won't distribute the brushes I use on CSP as they are made by someone else/altered from other people's brushes as a base.

What size canvas do you work on?
 It can vary depending on what i'm working on!

I usually start off with an A4 sized paper @ 300dpi (2480px by 3508px)

Are you self taught? or did you go to art school?
 I am mostly self taught! The only type of art education I ever got was in junior high and high school, which were more of a relaxing drawing time than learning practice

How long have you been drawing?
More than 10 years now.

Do you have any tutorials or recommendations?

I do not have any written or in dept tutorials, but I do upload timelapse videos over on my youtube channel and sometimes do art streams over on my twitch channel

I sadly don't have enough time to reply to all the comments on youtube, but you can always reach out to me on twitter/discord channel or drop by one of my streams to ask any questions you have!

As for any recommendations, youtube has a loooot of different tutorials on almost anything, so if you know what you want to learn about, searching for it there would be a good start!

Do you take commissions?
 I am no longer taking personal commissions.

For commercial inquiries, please contact me via email.


How old are you?

579 give or take a few years

What languages do you speak?  

I speak English, Korean, and a little bit of Japanese

Where do you live?

Somewhere on Earth

What are you?

A potato