Frequently Asked Questions!

Last Updated: 4/25/2018

Which tools do you use?
Paint Tool SAI and Clip Studio Paint EX for painting, Phtoshop CS6 for editing.

I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD as my tablet.

OBS Studio is what I use for streaming and recording!

Which brushes do you use?
I probably won't distribute the brushes I use on CSP as they are made by someone else/altered from other people's brushes as a base.

I am thinking of putting together a recommended list with links to the brushes on where you can download/purchase them, though they probably won't be completed until I get permission from the owners of the resources!

As for Paint Tool SAI brush settings, you can find them over on my tumblr!

What size canvas do you work on?
 It can vary depending on what i'm working on!

I usually start off with an A4 sized paper @ 300dpi (2480px by 3508px)

Are you self taught? or did you go to art school?
 I am mostly self taught! The only type of art education I ever got was in junior high and high school, which were more of a relaxing drawing time than learning practice

What did you study if you didn't go to art school?
I have a degree in Geology with a petroleum concentration. 

How long have you been drawing?
 I started in junior high, so about 9-10 years now!

Do you have any tutorials or recommendations?

I do not have any written or in dept tutorials, but I do upload timelapse videos over on my youtube channel and sometimes do art streams over on my twitch channel

I sadly don't have enough time to reply to all the comments on youtube, but you can always reach out to me on twitter/discord or drop by one of my streams to ask any questions you have!

As for any recommendations, youtube has a loooot of different tutorials on almost anything, so if you know what you want to learn about, searching for it there would be a good start!

Do you take commissions?
 I am no longer taking personal commissions.

For commercial inquiries, please contact me via email!


How old are you?

579 give or take a couple of centuries

(In all seriousness, I would rather not disclose my actual age)

What languages do you speak?  

I speak English, Korean, and a little bit of Japanese

Where are you located?


How many Dayos are there?!!?

What are you?

A potato